The Adventures of Robert-Lop EarGrowing up, I loved stories and read every book I could get my hands on. At night I would read by flashlight under the covers, then lie awake making up my own stories. I wrote my first book, The Adventures of Robert Lopear, in fifth grade, and it’s still one of my favorite keepsakes.

Edie Parsons In middle school, I discovered fantasy and science fiction, and began reading that along with mysteries and straight fiction. My family had a subscription to Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine, and the Science Fiction Book Club delivered new fantasy and science fiction books right to our house. A Wrinkle in Time, Oz, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Lord of the Rings were all important parts of my early reading.

As an adult I discovered I preferred more youthful stories to adult fiction. I came back to middle grade fantasy and science fiction, and still read it avidly today. In fact, I have five bookshelves filled with kid’s fantasy and science fiction, but no tv. I also returned to making up my own stories and have written several novels, which I hope to see published someday soon.

On a side note, there was one book I’d loved, but later couldn’t remember its title. One day in a bookstore, I was running my hand along the spines of the books when I felt a shock in my fingers. I pulled out the book I’d touched, and it was The Children of Green Knowe, the very book I’d been looking for. My subconscious had recognized it, even though I hadn’t. How cool is that? I still like Green Knowe, too.

Other than reading and writing, I love dragons and cats. I enjoy being outdoors, whether hiking or puttering in my yard. At various times I’ve lived all across the United States, but am now settled in Georgia, where I share my house with a wonderful cat, but alas, no live dragons.

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